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PADI Dive Courses
at Phayam Divers


Discover Scuba (trydive)

This is for you who are interested in scuba diving but never tried before.
The first step to the underwater world under the supervision of a professional diving instructor.
The trydive  is started with a brief orientation about equipment and diving techniques and then down in the water. Do your trydive at our local reef at Ao yai beach or on our daytrips or Live aboard safaris

Discover Scuba Diving, DSD

This is the big trydive program with enhanced theory sessions, comfined water session and Open water dives. The DSD  is started with a theory session about equipment and diving techniques.
In the confined water session you practice a selected number of skills from the Open water diver course. The final Open water dive in the DSD is where you do you proper diving with a theoretical and practical knowledge from the previous sessions.
The DSD is counted as part of the open water course and you can continue your education from DSD to Open water diver certification.
Do your DSD at Ao yai beach or on our daytrips or Live aboard safaris.

Scuba Diver ( resort diver )

This is the course for you who don’t have the time or the wish to do the full Open water diver course but wants to be a certified diver to take part in dive trips and activities for certified divers.
After finishing the course you receive the PADI Scuba diver certification card.
The Scuba diver course is aprox 60% of the full Open Water diver course and will be counted for if you decide to continue to full Open water diver certification.
The limitation for a certified scuba diver is that you have to dive under the direct supervision of a PADI Divemaster or Instructor.
The Scuba Diver course includes:
3 theory sessions at the divecenter on Ao Yai beach.
3 confined water sessions at our local reef on Ao Yai.
2 Open water dives around Koh Phayam, on our daytrips  or on our live aboard safaris.

Open Water Diver

The course for you who descided to go all in and become a diver.
After finishing the course you will receive the PADI Open Water certification.
This is the license to attend diving activities all around the world.
In this course you get full theoretical and practical skills to conduct diving without supervision of a PADI divemaster or Instructor.

The course includes:
5 theory sessions at the divecenter on Ao Yai beach.
5 confined water sessions at our local reef on Ao Yai or on our Live aboard safaris.
4 Open water dives around Koh Phayam, or on our Surin Island daytrips.

Advanced Open Water diver

This is the course for you who already is a certified Open Water diver.
The AOW gives you kickstart in your diving and is mainly a practical course with lots of diving.
In the course you do 5 dives that will give you very good diving experience.
Navigation dive and Deep dive is mandatory and the 3 other dives are according to you own interests and the Instructors recommendation.
The course is conducted at the local reef on Ao Yai together with a daytrip to Surin Island.
You can also do the AOW on our live aboard Safaris.


Prices in Thai Baht, including manual and certification fee 


Price. Option 1.
All diving from Ao Yai beach
Koh Phayam

Price. Option 2.
final day on Surin Island daytrip


Discover Scuba




Discover scuba diving




Scuba diver


13700 incl. trip


Open water diver


14700 incl trip


Upgrade DSD-OW


13700 incl.trip


Upgrade SD-OW


11700 incl.trip


Advanced open water


12700 incl.trip






Rescue diver





















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